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Episode 3 · 2 years ago

Episode Three: "Worm Population" Poem


You are listening to the psychotic worm podcast. Here you'll find the work in writing of John Put me on on, an independent author. visit the website John Put me on. All, that's John Putigna and no one thousand nine hundred and eighty three dot wordpresscom. Again, that's John Putig N A and O dot Wordpresscom, and make sure you subscribe to this podcast. Sure, there were the hints, the whispers and rambling, and that's when the electricity rose through my chalk roads until I could taste the acrid a worm with wings. That was her alert. It was clear that she sensed it, the...

...lunar poll. I dragged her into my orbits. Initially I was taken back by the pristine and curious Pixie, but it never takes long before they start digging where they don't belong, exhuming old habits, shifting through festering heaps, and that is when she first saw it. In her sound mind, she simply called it eccentrics. By then she was enthralled to my bedlam. That poor creature. She was bewildered and ignorant to the rising water, soon to be necked deep and mummified mistakes where bog bodies float, disposed of like excrement or some pulping miscarriage. I could have told her a swim, but why...

...exhaust the exertion? This is my disruptive shift. We must all adapt to the transformation softly. I tell her to let go, to bask naked and a viscerated. Soon those old roots will take to the muck of amniotic sludge. Yes, there was once a time where I turned. This concludes today. It's psych on. IARM podcast up. Now I watch her drown. Make sure you check out a little bar jump putting out one thousand nine hundred and eighty three dot wordpresscom. You can email me at and theogenic lab at gmailcom. That's EEN THHEO GE and I see lab at GMAILCOM. Make sure you subscribe to this podcast. Thank you for listening. Goodbye.

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